Monday, June 04, 2007

Sugar is not as much help as she would like to think. The building at the right is the old chicken house, & John was attempting to use the tractor to clean out the floor before dismantling it. He finally had to shut the gate & keep everyone out..........everyone wanted to help.

He had planned on leaving the roof up as a sunshade, but it had different ideas & collapsed in a heap on the ground. So today he is trying to get it into small enough pieces to haul to the burn area.

Remington went out yesterday as planned, & did just fine. In fact when everyone started gathering to go into their pens, he showed up. He wasn't quite sure what he was suppose to do, but followed me, (actually followed a carrot) into his pen just like he knew what he was doing.

Terry came out again today to groom. She said Sha'ba really is losing a lot of hair. So far everyone else isn't shedding much, although they do appreciate the brushing. She even worked with Tula a little bit. That's great, because I'm the only one that has worked with her. She needs to find out that no one is going to hurt her, even if she doesn't know them.

She also groomed the minis. They weren't very "helpful" she said. I don't know if they have ever been groomed that much. Justin was a wiggle worm, although I think Lynn stood pretty good except for her legs.

Jenny enjoyed the attention to something other than her feet. She's shedding out to a nice shiny black. She's eating better & going out of her pen every day, so I assume she is feeling pretty good.

We will be taking Jenny, Buster Brown & Belle, up to the Equine Clinic at Gilbert next Monday. Jenny will get x-rays, so we know what's going on inside those feet. Buster has a growth on the side of his cheek. It's probably a sarcoid that will continue to grow if it isn't removed. Poor Belle, will have someone else take a look at her sialolith cyst & see if they think it can be removed. We will have to leave Belle & Buster, will probably pick them up the next day, but should be able to bring Jenny back home after her x-rays.

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