Sunday, June 10, 2007

For this time of year, everyone seems to be doing very good. Of course we have the usual, daily doctoring of Cisco & Sha'ba. Sha'ba also has some habronema on the edge of his nostril. I'm trying some new medication, although I haven't noticed it making a big difference. Using invermectin topically seems to work about as good as anything else. Unfortunately during fly season, the flies reinfect, so although I kill the ones already there, the flies come to "visit" & bring new ones with them.

So far Belle has been habronema free this year. Her family gave her up last year because she had such a horrible ongoing problem with them. We got her healed & wondered how she would do this year. SO FAR, SO GOOD.....!!!!!! We keep fly masks on everyone during the day & really think this makes a difference. They line up every morning for their masks, so I think they do appreciate no having flies in their eyes, for the summer.

Tomorrow we take Belle, Buster & Jenny to Gibert. I wish it was a cooler time of year, but the stock trailer is open & covered, so they will be in the shade with a breeze. Or a gale depending on how fast John drives.......!!!! I hope Buster gets along OK. He is so emotional & really hates change in his routine. Hopefully being with Belle will help him not get so stressed.

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