Thursday, June 21, 2007


We finally got our load of hay this morning. We really weren't sure the truck & double trailer could get in our driveway. They left the 2nd trailer out on the main road, unloaded the 1st trailer, took it out & brought in the 2nd trailer. JOHN & I DON'T HAVE TO HAUL & UNLOAD HAY THIS YEAR........!!! Whoopee! And Mr. Land said he'd come back next year, so I guess it wasn't too hard on his truck & the squeeze. We got 8 of these "blocks" of hay & they fit nicely in the hay barn, with room to spare.

The next 5 days are going to be a lot of fun. John leaves early in the morning, & will be gone for 5 days. That means I will be "chief cook & bottle washer" for the gang. I hope they are better behaved than they were today. It was well over 100 degrees & they didn't want to move when it was time for supper. That was after they wouldn't come over from Burroland this morning. I had to go over & lead Pepper & Lucy, before the others decided the "jig was up", & Mom wasn't very happy. I told John if they behave like this while he is gone, they will stay in their pens. I probably wouldn't do it for all, but might round up the ring leaders, & let them stay in "solitary" confinement for a day. Unfortunately the lesson would probably be lost on the others. I don't think donkeys have empathy for one another

Jenny got her feet trimmed today. I wasn't here, but heard that she wasn't very well behaved. She's been doing pretty good with me, when I soak her feet, but I wasn't here for the trimming. I guess, in her mind, there is a big difference between soaking & trimming. I noticed when I came home, she was walking more comfortable, so it's probably going to be important to keep her feet trimmed frequently. I have an appointment to have her feet x-rayed, so we'll see what they look like inside.

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