Friday, June 22, 2007


Not the best picture I could have taken, but this time of year, they have fly masks on all day long. When it's 108* I don't really feel like taking the camera, & trying to find which tree they are hanging out under, taking off the fly mask & them trying to figure out, what the heck I'm doing. This was taken after evening feeding & before the hay arrived. Otherwise it would just be a picture of his body, with his head buried in hay.

John left this morning, so I got my first opportunity to do ALL the chores by myself. It sure takes a lot longer.....!!! I don't spend as much time gathering every little tidbit of poo, I'm sure he will notice that when he gets home. It's too hot to be that "tidy", especially when the small pieces quickly grind into nothing, as hot & dry as it is.

BlackJack has been in the Fat Farm a few days, & is ready to get out, now. He really enjoys going around all the pens in the morning & picking up whatever hay is left. He knows which pens are likely to have leftovers, & hits them first. Now that he is in the pen, as soon as he is finished with his hay, he starts watching us as we work, & yelling, to let us know, we forgot to let him out, I guess. This morning when I was weighing hay, he yelled the whole time. Unfortunately he is an "air fern" & loves to eat, which is a bad combination.

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