Saturday, June 01, 2013

We had a real nice couple come out from Tucson today.  They had met a orphan baby donkey at their vet's & as they say, fell in love.  They called & asked if they could come out & meet the donkeys.  While they were here they did some grooming, which most of the donkeys absolutely love, they will stand as long as you will groom.  Some of them will even get back in line, hoping you don't remember them.  They say they will be back, which I know the donkeys really really appreciate.  

I forgot to say anything about the Pepper "crisis" while John was hauling donkeys Thursday.  When I went out to feed at suppertime, no Pepper.  I got everyone else in their pens, & found him right away down in the big wash.  He's never been down before when John wasn't here.  I tried to get him up by myself, but I just don't have enough muscle, besides John had taken all the good ropes with him.  

I came in & called one neighbor, had to leave a message.  So I called another one & he said he'd be right up.  I went back out with Pepper to hopefully keep him from thrashing around.  He's pretty much learned that once we get there, we'll get him up, but if nothing is happening he'll start trying to get up, which just wears the hair off his bones.  The 1st neighbor got here first, we tried getting him up with me helping & finally Rick took both ropes, pulled Pepper over & the crisis was over.  Just about that time Roger got here too.  It's great when you have neighbors that will come running if you need them.  I told them I'd keep their numbers, like Rick said he's trained now......!!!! LOL

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