Sunday, June 23, 2013

Molly & Jack are going to stay for awhile....!!!

   I'm not sure who this is, it's an old picture I ran across yesterday. 

Courtney was here last night to do some trimming.  Gus had been walking a little slow & it had been awhile since she was here.  His frogs were "smeared" all over the bottom of his feet.  I guess since he doesn't move around very much & when he does he tries to stay on soft ground, he doesn't wear his frogs off.  She had to design the valleys on either side of one of his frogs, with a hoof knife.  His soles are pretty flat anyway, but there was absolutely no indentations on either side of the frog.  

This morning he was walking normal for him.  It's always a question as to whether to take off a little more or not with him.  Sometimes it only takes an extra swipe or two of the grinder & he'll be sore for a couple of days.  It's a real balancing act to keep him comfortable because the inside of his feet are such a mess.  But he's actually done pretty good for the last year or so.  Once we agreed to leave his feet really long or in his case tall, he's done much better.

Guess I'll quit trying to find a home for the mini mules for awhile.  Molly still has a little bit of thrush in one front foot and limps on that foot sometimes.  Courtney said she wants to have at least a year to work on their feet, so I guess we'll just keep them around for awhile.  That won't break our hearts, we've gotten use to having them around and Jack has settled down to the point the donkeys don't even pay any attention to him, and he doesn't lay his ears back and make ugly faces, they are just part of the "herd".  A lot of times Reba the big red mule comes in with them instead of with Rusty, not sure why.  She and Rusty hang out together most of the time, but Rusty doesn't seem to care for the little ones at all. 

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