Thursday, June 06, 2013

THE GIRLS ARE HERE..........!!!!

Here's a herd shot when we went up to Hoofprints of the Heart yesterday to pick up the girls.........yes the girls.  When we rounded them up, James had to rope Falena, aka, Coquette, aka Arabella (I'm having a terrible time getting a name to stick on her).  I guess that was the closest he had been to her, and we discovered she wasn't a gelding after all.......!! 

You'd think with feet like this she would be easy to halter, nope those feet might really look ugly, but they seem to work just fine, at least on soft ground.

Penny's name seems to fit her.  She was a little easy to work with and didn't mind being haltered and led.  

The dark spot on the left is her withers, she is hunchbacked.  The front half of her back sticks up about an inch or so.  Dr. Weaver came out today to see if he could manipulate her back.  He said her back is twisted where it dips down.  He adjusted her back and she tried to "adjust" him a couple of times, before she settled down.  He wants to work on her in a few weeks, he says she probably either had something fall on her, or was trapped in a twisted position.  It doesn't seem to bother her, she moves very easy, and doesn't seem to have any pain from it.  

She does have habronema larvae under her eye, I started working on this morning.  She obviously has not had a lot of attention & didn't really appreciate my "doctoring".  Some of them were big enough I could "retrieve" them with surgical tweezers.  The rest of them, I smeared with Ivernectin worming paste.  She has quite a few in the tissue around her eye.  Dr. Weaver said the Ivermectin wouldn't hurt her eye, so tonight I put some on the sores in her eye socket.  I can't dig them out like I do the ones on her cheek, so hopefully the Ivermectin will kill them.  We will keep a fly mask on her until next winter, so eventually we will get rid of them, but it will probably take all summer.  Her front legs are bald, just like Quillas.

It is always interesting to try to help these animals that haven't had the care they deserve.  I just wish it wasn't necessary, that people would take care of them properly & make sure they have what they need.



 READY TO GO HOME............!!!!

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