Monday, June 10, 2013


Well, it's been an "interesting" morning so far.  Jack the mini mule came in limping on his right front, has a little swelling in the fetlock, so I would imagine he stepped wrong.  

The stable flies are out in force the last few days & are nibbling on almost everyone's front legs.  They've been busy on Jack, so he needed to be sprayed with fly spray.  EEEEEkkkkkk.....!!!!  I guess fly spray sounds like a snake or something if they haven't been sprayed before.  So put on the halter, get the lead, find something to tie him to or at least wrap the lead around, when he tries to take off for parts unknown,  If they would just stand still, it would be over in no time, but, NO, LET'S BE DRAMATIC, & throw a hissy fit.....!!!

OK, on to other fun things.  Quilla had lost a legging, John found the legging, unfortunately it had been "Wister-ized".  The little bugger had pulled & tugged on it enough to tear one side of the vel-cro completely off, although it was still stuck to the other side of the vel-cro.  The polo wraps are working out real well so far, BUT, they don't make good "toys" & they are hard to find.  

Put Thuja Zinc Oxide on Boaz & Cisco's sheaths.  Cisco's has to be smeared every morning during the summer, to provide some moisture to a very scarred part of his body.  It also keeps the flies from landing on his sheath.  If one lands he will drop to the ground & scoot until it's a bloody mess that needs to be covered with Zinc Oxide.  So it's just easier to smear it before the flies get a chance.  

I'm also keeping Underwood's Horse Medicine on Boaz's knee that won't heal & it seems to be working good.  He doesn't do well with bandages on his knee, so this seems to be keeping it covered by making a hard covering over the area.  Who knows maybe under that covering it is healing.........!!!!!  That would be really nice.  

I saved the best for last.  I've been doctoring Penny's face ever since we picked her up.  As I said before her legs are bald like  Quilla's.  Of course the stable flies appreciate the easy access, so I gathered up assorted barriers this morning, fly leggings, polo wraps, some homemade wraps I have & out we went to "fix" her.  Her face is really looking good, got it doctored with ivermectin.  

Time to work on her legs.........!!!!!   Oh! lordy, really not what she had planned this morning.  I can almost guarantee she has been a roping donkey.  She is a fear kicker with her hind legs & doesn't have a problem with rearing in the front & spinning, either before, during or after the hind leg kicking.  I gave up on putting any material on her legs quickly.  Poor John was along for the ride, at least he was way up front.  Coquette got upset & tried to join the "herd", which meant we had her to contend with too.  At least she isn't a kicker.  

I finally got her sprayed with fly spray on the front legs, but it wasn't easy.  I think I will have John set up one of our corral panel squeezes to put her in for "leg" work in the future.  We're too old to move fast enough to stay out of her way, long term.  One of us would get nailed, & I'm afraid it would be John.  He has never learned not to stand flat footed around unknown animals.  I learned that at an early age by experience...!!!! LOL

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