Friday, June 07, 2013



This might be the last picture I take for awhile.  The lens on my camera as of this morning no longer goes in and out when you turn it off and on.  It also turns itself off within seconds of you trying to turn it on.  I really hate to get another camera, this one operates under the KISS principle & believe me, SIMPLE is my middle name or should be.  I got a new camera a year or so ago, & finally gave it to my grandson, it had too many layers of "stuff", I never could tell where I was, which of course made it difficult to do what I wanted to do.  Generally all I wanted to do was, take a picture & download it.  I don't even want to shop for a new camera....!!!!  

This morning we wormed the girls, and will do so again in about 10 days.  When they come in and you think they might be wormy, it's better to "lightly" worm them with something like Safe Guard, lightly being, using less wormer than you would normally use by weight, by 100 pounds or so.  They don't look wormy, but I know they haven't been wormed since they were at Milagros, however long that was.  

We doctored Penny's face, she's getting less cooperative every time, although so far John can "corral" her just by holding her around the neck.  The sores look better, but won't clear up until all the larvae are out, which will take a long time.  If I don't kill them with the Ivermectin, they will continue to grow until they are big enough to see, then I can go after them individually.

I guess while Dr. Weaver was here we should have had him work on Coquette.  I was standing behind her after I let her out of the pen & she walks with a definite wobble in her hind legs, I was going to take a video, but that's when I found out my camera is kaput......!!!

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