Friday, June 07, 2013

PLEASE DONATE.......!!!!

There is a link on the right to help Hoofprints of the Heart with some of the expenses for this huge rescue effort.  All donations no matter how small, will help them continue to help these and other animals.  

It is a sad fact to rehabilitate equines that have been neglected is quite expensive.  Overgrown feet, x-rays, infected teeth, special feeds, and supplements, and vaccinations, for a start.  A minimum estimate to take care of a healthy donkey would probably be about $600 a year.  These neglected animals could cost many times that & even then might not be adoptable.   Penny & Coquette will not be adoptable, they both have too many problems, that would make them a very hard "sell", no matter how sweet they are.  

Please consider giving what you can to this worthwhile cause.  James at Hoofprints gets maximum use from all donations, & really could use your help. 

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