Friday, June 28, 2013

MY FAVORITE PAST TIME..........NOT.........!!!

Our summer temperatures are headed for the Stratosphere, it's suppose to be 113* tomorrow.  We've got rather spoiled the last couple of years with relatively comfortable heat indexes, but this summer is starting out with a bang......!!!  Earlier this afternoon it was 108.3* in the back yard....!! That probably isn't real accurate, if you walk outside it's like walking into an oven.  

When Coquette came in earlier this month she had long tangled hair.  I started grooming on her to see if the hair would shed out, but she was hanging onto most of it.  I decided to go ahead and body clip her & this morning was the day.  We had a family out for a tour, which meant that by the time we got around to clipping it was getting pretty hot.  

Our plan of attack was to put a halter on her, tie her up and clip her.  Hmmmm......."me:" thinks she's never even seen a clipper, let alone had it used on her reluctant body.  

Shaggy girl

Time to get rid of all that excess hair......!!!

I have some Dormosedan and thought about using it, but didn't.  Should have.........!!!!  The problem with put a dab under their tongue and it takes 30-45 minutes to take effect.  It was already hot enough to cook an egg on a rock, and we have the squeeze, so got her in there, and I started trying to use clippers around the bars with her moving most of the time. 

I have a great set of clippers, Steward Oster Clipmaster, that Daisy's family gave us when she came to live with us.  But in exchange for having a wonderful pair of clippers I have to put up with the fact that they are large and heavy, which is hard to deal with under normal circumstances.  Wrestling around the corral panels, really made for a fun filled experience, for all three of us.......!!!

Daisy and I have a deal, she stands as still as possible, I get done as soon as I can, and we don't need John.  Coquette hasn't learned the game, so it took a lot longer and John had to stand by and help to control the situation.  We finally got done, not a great job but she should be a lot cooler.  For awhile we thought she was going to have a line of long hair down her side, because she insisted on leaning on the corral panel, so I couldn't get the clippers where they needed to be.  

 Don't look too close

I'm sure she was looking for me to THANK ME...........NOT...!!

She looks rather like she went thru a buzz saw, there is no way you can get a good clip, if you don't have total access to the body, so you can run nice even rows with the clippers.  Too much starting and stopping and you end up with tuffs here and there.  She's got to be more comfortable though, which was the whole idea.  

I'm suppose to race tomorrow night.  Should be lots of fun, putting on my helmet, racing jacket, harnessing up, and sitting in staging until the race before us is over.  It's not too bad, IF, that race is ran clean with few yellow flags.  But if they have one of those races where they can't finish a lap without a yellow flag, we get to sit and "cook".  Oh well, we forget all about it once we're on the track.....!!! LOL


ellie k said...

She looks much cooler and she will learn to appreciate what you do. I know I like my hair short in the summed.

Tish said...

She didn't seem to hold a grudge, last night at feeding time, so I guess we're still "buds".

Anonymous said...

I think she looks pretty darn good for not wanting to stand still. Our Scottie is the same way, he comes out a little patchy but we know he feels better even if he won't admit it.

Tish said...

She's not standing in shade as much as she was, so I know it helped.