Sunday, June 02, 2013


When we came in from the races at 2am this morning, there were 2 phone messages from Beverly to call her whenever I got in.  Oh! well, I have to assume she meant it, so I called her.  

Molly hadn't eaten since breakfast & was laying down most of the time, & someone had diarrhea, but they weren't sure who.  She wouldn't even take animal crackers, one of her personal favorites.  

We talked for awhile & I told her if Molly wasn't better by this morning we'd have to find a vet to come out & see her.  Her husband checked on Molly while we were on the phone, & said she was laying down & Jack was standing over her.  

Beverly was very upset, & I can't blame her for that.  It's awful when they are sick or down & you don't know why.  

My 2 ideas were either colic or hyperlipedemia and it looks like after being given some karo syrup & fed some alfalfa, she is perking up.  Which points to hyperlipidemia.  

Beverly had recently lost her mare and thinks she isn't ready for something like this.  So we are going in this afternoon and bring the mini mules back here.  It's too bad because this would have been a wonderful home for them & Hombre the horse is going to miss Jack, they had already became "buds" from what Beverly said. 

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