Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Not by choice, I'm afraid.  John set up the corral panel squeeze, he acted as the Judas goat & she followed him in, well actually she was following the animal cracker he was offering. 

We did her face, that went well.  The front legs were just almost more than she could stand.  She almost fell on the ground she was so afraid.  My WAG (Wild Ass Guess) is she has been used for roping & they roped her front legs.  Perhaps the missing hair on her legs isn't all from stable fly damage after all.  We did a lot of touching the legs, moving down 1/2 an inch & offering a cookie.  She finally almost accepted it, to the point that I could put some Thuja Zinc Oxide on her bare legs.  She tried kicking with the hind legs a couple of times, which got her yelled at & no cookie.  Finally was time for the hind legs, not anything I was looking forward to.  

She has absolutely no problem with you touching her hind legs, she doesn't even flinch.  That's why I think the front legs have been roped, guess they never roped the rears.  Wonder if her back being hunched could be from being flipped.  I would hope not, but I guess it is possible. 

Now that may all change tomorrow, we'll see.  She seems willing to meet us half way, especially if we don't run out of cookies....!!!

I have a big problem with a couple of rock squirrels & my tomato "farm" of 4 plants on the courtyard.  They have discovered this new food source & this morning John showed me where they had hauled off 2 green tomatoes & left them outside their hole under a Christmas cactus.  Later on in the morning the tomatoes were gone, guess the little thief needed a snack.  GRRRRRR......!!!  I'm really not willing to share the bounty, although I'm not quite sure what to do about the problem.  I've hung strips of pink plastic on the trellis to flop in the breeze.  Since we found the tomatoes by his hole this morning, I would imagine the wiggly pink strips aren't much of a deterrent.  Oh! well there is a family down in St. David that have a truck farm, guess I can buy tomatoes if I have to.....!!! LOL


ellie k said...

I hope Penny soon realizes that life can be very good in this home. She just don't know you are trying to help her. I am glad she has people that really will care for her now. Thanks

Tish said...

She'll come around, I tried giving Penny & Coquette watermelon tonight & they wouldn't even eat their pellets & mush, it was all in the same pan. I guess they've never had treats very much. They are in the treat capital of the world here, John always has treats in his pockets & dispenses them at will........!!!!! LOL