Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Last night local channel 13 covered the rescue at 5, 6 & 10 pm & tonight KGUN 9 will also have something at 5, 6 & 10 pm, not sure if all 3 times will have it. 

I hope the coverage generates a lot of donations for James & Hoofprints, just the gas bills for the trucks hauling the trailers are frightening.  

When we go up to Hoofprints tomorrow to pick up those 2 donkeys, we are also going to be looking for Roxie a BLM jenny that was signed over to Milagros last summer.  Her Mom is one of the people that has been instrumental to keeping this deplorable situation out in the fresh air & sunshine, until something finally happened.

Not sure we will be able to recognize her, she is such a common color, but we'll look.  If we find her, her Mom would like to have her come home.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Took Molly to the vet this morning as planned.  She still hasn't peed...........!!!!  The vet said if she hadn't peed since Saturday she would probably be dead by now.  She has been in a pen by herself & there is no pee in there.

The vet checked her heart, said if her bladder had ruptured or something like that her heart rate would be thru the roof.  Everything was normal, although she was a little dehydrated.  But it is so hot right now, that isn't really a big surprise.  We had a CBC  (Complete Blood Count) draw, & she also got drenched with a tube up her nose & down in her stomach.  It's been over 5 hours & she still hasn't peed.

She really was a good girl, even for the tube in the nose.  That is usually not very well accepted by any of them.  Jack was thrilled when she came home, & has been outside her pen ever since.  She is staying in that pen until she PEES......!!!!!

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