Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jumping Donkey

He definitely doesn't want to bump his legs, clearance doesn't seem to be a problem.....!!!

Had about a dozen teenagers from Ft. Huachuca, the Army Post come out this morning to meet the donkeys and do some grooming.  After eating, grooming is one of their favorite things to do, and with so many kids, almost everyone got a chance to get groomed.  Two or three of them didn't want to groom, but the rest of them seemed to enjoy it, & of course the donkeys were thrilled. 

This was the first time Reba had been groomed by outsiders and she did just fine, although I tied her up.  Usually if you try to groom her she walks off if she isn't tied.  Hopefully she'll learn to stand still, like everyone else.  

No one wanted to brush Coquette who really needed it, so I used a curry comb on her & Penny.  Coquette has way too much hair for 100 degree weather.  I've been talking about body clipping her, which would take less time and be more effective.  Now that it's so hot body clipping doesn't sound like much fun, so I might just continue giving her a lick and a promise with the brushes & combs.  

We had a battle of wills this morning.  John and I were doctoring Coquette and I decided to pick up at least her front legs, just because.  Left one no problem, right one not going to happen.  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?    I know they are left brained, right brained but jeesh this is ridiculous.  She didn't throw a fit, she just tried to lean on me or dance away, even though she was tied.  When I say lean on me, I mean literally falling down leaning.   I tried using my thumb in her ribs, either I don't have enough strength to make her uncomfortable, or she just doesn't care.  The only thing I had with me that even looked like it might work was a hoof pick in my medicine kit. I tried the handle of that sticking in her ribs under the pressure of my weight behind it.  For those of you that know me, that isn't really much, but you would think my weight behind a hoof pick handle poking the ribs would make her move away..........nope, didn't seem to really bother her much at all.......!!!!  GRRRRRRRR....!!!!  I had to end on a positive note, so she finally relaxed the leg enough I could get the foot off the ground for a second.  Did that 3 times & called it a success.....!!!  I think clicker training might be the answer.  Need to work with Penny to get a halter on her, so might try it on both of them.  Penny even in a small pen, will not let you put a halter on her & has no qualms about turning her butt in your face.  Since she is a kicker, we haven't made much progress with haltering.  They both think animals crackers are exciting, so we'll see if we can do some behavior modification on both of them. 

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