Thursday, June 13, 2013

QUILLA'S THE MAN..........!!!

Doesn't look like much of a Don Juan in this picture, but Penny seems to think he's quite the man. 

When John did round-up this morning everyone came in pretty good, except for Coquette, Quillla & Penny.  Rang the bell & mixed up mush...........still missing.  While John fed hay, I headed for Burroland to see what I could find.  I found an X-rated party going on, that's what I found.....!!! 

 I guess Coquette was the cheerleader.....!!!  Who knew Quilla was such a STUD.....!!!! LOL  Good thing I took a halter & lead with me, because they weren't the least bit interested in me or breakfast.  The girls weren't interested in being haltered, but Quilla knews the drill, & the girls followed him.  

Doctoring Penny went pretty good, although that right rear leg hasn't given up the fight yet.  She's not putting as much effort into the battle, so I like to think we are making progress.  

Her face looks real good, all dried up, although I am pretty sure there are larvae hiding in there & growing.   Unfortunately the hair will probably not grow back in most of the areas.  

Her front legs are pretty badly scarred, I'm keeping them covered with Thuja Zinc Oxide to hopefully thwart the stable flies that are really out in force right now.  

Tyler is coming out tomorrow afternoon to see what he can do with their feet.  Penny's aren't real bad, although her rears look like shovels.  Coquette is the one that really needs some work.  

She might have to have elongated shoes put on both front feet, that's one of the options.  We'll see what Tyler thinks is best.  She actually walks pretty good, although I would imagine her tendons are really contracted.  Hopefully they will stretch out with time.  She is a very sweet girl, only about 6 years old. 


Rebecca2 said...

I didn't even know a donkey's hooves could do this. Poor little girl. Hope you show how you go about correcting such a malformation.

Tish said...

Many donkeys end up with feet like this or worse because of lack of care. And some of them can't be brought back to being able to walk comfortably. It will be a long road for her, at least a year probably longer.