Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RIP Jacko

Jacko came thru here in 2007, he had recently lost his horse buddy & was now by himself.  His owners wanted to re-home him rather than get him another companion, so we took him.  A woman had gotten in touch with me about finding a companion for her surviving donkey.  Her jenny had been attacked by a mountain lion, & although she doctored the jenny for days, one morning she was dead.  

Laura wanted another jenny, which I didn't have at the time, but decided to try a gelding.  From what she said the boys bonded very well & have enjoyed an indulgent life for the last 6 yeasrs.

Recently Laura got in touch with me, about Jacko having some health problems.  When we went to see what was going on, it was perfectly clear one of his problems was Cushing's disease, just from looking at him.  So she put him on Chasteberry to see if that would help.  

The vet also said he had a nasal tumor, which causing horrible drainage, that did clear up with a couple of round of antibiotics.  

But the worst problem & what led to him being euthanized yesterday morning was his feet.  He was probably insulin resistant, & although Laura was feeding him properly I would imagine he had developed low grade chronic laminitis, which is one of the symptoms or results of insulin resistance & Cushings.  Unless you are aware of the changes going on, donkeys are such stoic animals when they have sore feet or anything else for that matter, you'd not know it until it was quite advanced.  

Laura was told by her vet a few months ago, it was just a matter of time, & the last few days & his level of discomfort helped Laura decide what was best for him.  Unfortunately when you have animals there comes a time when you have to stop thinking of what you would want to happen, & think only what is best for them.  Been there, & hate it every time..........but it's the last gift we can give them & is part of being a good caretaker. 

Laura recently adopted Heloise from us, so Tio won't be alone again, which is a good thing.


Cindy D. said...

aw what a sweet sweet face. Rest in peace Jacko.

ellie k said...

Sorry to hear about Jacko but good to know his last years were so good. My daughter had to put her old lab down last week, they got her when there daughter was a baby and they grew up together. They spent a lot of money to keep her comfortable in her last days, this was very hard for the whole family.

Tish said...

He was a good boy.

Sorry about your daughter's dog. I have an aunt that always says, "I'll never get another one, it's too hard". But she does, & another one gets a wonderful forever home.

ellie k said...

She will get another one in time, they still have one dog but need two. They live in the country and need watch dogs and dogs for the kids to love. There animals have the best life you could imagine.

Tish said...

One will find them....!!!

Laura said...

Dear Tish, Cindy, and Ellie,
Thank you for your very kind words about my Little Guy Jacko. He was one heck of a sweet boy. We went through months and months of different antibiotic treatments, corrective hoof trimming, you name it. He would get well for a short time then be down again...and again. This last bout was really bad, and we just could not get Jack out of pain. I made the call to the veterinarian...much to my heartbreak, and Jack went to Rainbow Bridge on the 10th of this month. Thanks to Tish and John we were able to have those great years with Jack, and now Heloise (Ellie). I have had the honor of knowing Tish and John for years now, and It's Tish's informative and caring emails and visits that have seen me through some serious problems with my Longears...God Bless You!!! Laura (Mom)

Laura said...

Dear Tish,
Thank you for the R.I.P. for Jacko.

Tish said...

Thank you for being a good Mom for him.