Friday, May 31, 2013

WHAT A MESS................!!!

John & Patti hauled 7 donkeys yesterday in our 4 horse trailer to Hoofprints of the Heart Rescue in Marana.  Everything went smoothly, according to John.  They loaded fairly well, although he said they didn't really appreciate curves & corners.  With that many animals back there dancing around I'm sure he knew when they weren't happy.  

John has always taken good care of the stock trailer and it still looks pretty good for it's age, well except for the area Jack the mini mule tried to eat.  We have no idea what he was trying to do, but he managed to scrape a good size area of paint off with his teeth.  John usually has it cleaned out & ready to go, no later than the next morning.  

When he called yesterday afternoon, he said, "you should see the trailer, they managed to sling "poo" (I cleaned that up) clear to the ceiling.  I reminded him of what a mess 2 donkeys can make in an hour or so in the trailer.  Seven for 5 hours, just compounds the problem.  

I was going to take a picture of the inside this morning, but a picture wouldn't do it justice.  He had said it was running out the back and sure enough, trust me,  it's not a pretty sight.........!!! LOL 

John had an appointment this morning, so didn't have a chance to clean it out.  It's in the high 90's this afternoon, which is going to bake all that diarrhea into the metal.  Won't that be fun to clean off........??  Glad it's his job not mine....!!

There's more donkeys to be hauled, probably sometime next week and homes to find.  I called my "want donkey" list this morning.  Some of them have found donkeys or in one case a horse, which is good, but doesn't help find these guys a new home.  

One of the donkeys still needing to be hauled has a old break in her fetlock.  We've already decided we'll probably add her to our herd.  She probably wouldn't be adoptable, but that's OK, most of ours aren't.  This is why we never get our numbers down I guess. 

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