Thursday, May 23, 2013


When John went out to let them out at bedtime, he came back & said something was wrong with Pepper.  Went out to check him over.  He was very restless, probably in pain, had gut sounds on both sides.  Tried to lay down a couple of times & I found out why he ends up on his right side.  If he does try to lay down, because his left side is stronger than the right side, the right side goes down first, so he ends up laying on his right whether he wants to or not.  

We watched him for awhile & I decided to give him a colic remedy I've used in the past 3 or 4 times with good results.  Even though he's usually "difficult" to work with he was more than willing to swallow all of it.  It smells good enough to drink, guess it tastes good.  We watched him for awhile & it didn't take very long for him to act more comfortable.  John said he'd get up & check on him in a couple of hours.  I told him if Pepper was acting normal to go ahead & let him out of the pen.  John went out about 1AM, came back in & said Pepper was trying to plow thru the gate & John at the same time, so he let the old buzzard out........!!!

This morning he was, as usual, obnoxious & opinionated, although he left a little more of his breakfast than usual.  Whew, I hope he's just going thru a stage.  It seems like he will go along for weeks without having any problems & then we get to spend a lot of time, looking for him, getting him up & whatever else he can come up with.  The ears are still up & perky, so life goes on I guess.  

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