Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We did a home study today for Jack & Molly, the mini mules.  It should be a good home, perhaps a little indulgent, but I'm sure they both will enjoy the attention.  They will have a beautiful black quarter horse gelding named Hombre, that has been by himself for the last month or so, since his mare friend was put down.  He seems to think he is a pocket horse, & believe me he was way too big for that......!!!!  LOL

Jack should be thrilled to have a horse of his very own, any time they are working on a movie over at the movie sight across the road, Jack is usually in the corner of the fence, as close to them as he can get, yelling at them.  Hopefully Hombre will like having little friends with long ears.  

A friend of the family has been visiting with her 2 molly mules.  She travels all over working as a camp cook or wrangler, depending on what they need her for.  They both were very pretty, & satisfied to look at us from a distance.  That's one thing about mules, they aren't probably going to smother you with attention if they don't know you. 

The man is having some health issues right now, but he has built stagecoaches in the past.  In fact a couple of them are used in Tombstone to give rides to the tourists.  So hopefully when he gets to feeling better maybe he'll build a little buckboard or wagon of some kind for the little mules.  Molly would probably be satisfied to just hang around & look cute, but Jack needs a job or he will get into trouble....!!!

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maria mustafa said...

hahah this is so cute