Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 My Great Grandson Hunter, sitting in his Grandpa's race car, going to start him early I guess...!!! LOL

One thing you can say, when the weather warms up, critters start moving around I guess.

Yesterday I noticed 3 of the 4 house cats fascinated with something behind a large green frog fountain (don't ask, it was a gift) in the spa/laundry room.  I looked down & low & behold, there was a pretty good sized camel spider.  That's what they are called in the Middle East, I think in the U.S. Southwest they are called Child of the Desert or Sun Scorpion. 

I know one thing they are very fast & very very ugly.  I've never seen any in the U.S. as big as the ones on our compound in Saudi, although this one was probably at least 2 inches long.  I was pretty sure he didn't want Moogee's foot dragging him out of where he was trying to hide.  I got my "catch" cup & piece of cardboard & took him outside after showing him to Mother.  Can't say she was very happy to see him, but was thrilled when I said he was going outside.  I would imagine he is responsible for us not having our usual spring cricket invasion.  When I was feeding the wolf spider this winter, some of the crickets escaped, but I've only seen one.  

This morning when I woke up, I looked at the patio door & there was a mouse clinging to the screen outside.  Where it came from & what it was doing, I have no idea.  I yelled for John, because I knew he wouldn't believe me if I just told him about it.  He came, he saw, & went to get a bucket to "catch" it in before the 3 outdoor cats found it.  He went outside with his bucket, stuck it up under the mouse, & the mouse looked like a flying squirrel, as it evaded the bucket.  John spent the next few minutes chasing the poor little thing around the courtyard, to get it out before the cats found it.  It looked well fed, John said it's probably been sneaking in to eat cat food. 

This morning Pepper was missing, John finally found him over in the big wash on Burroland.  He has been down for quite awhile, although when we rolled him over, he got up pretty quick.  But he had bedsores on his boney shoulder, hip & face.  As soon as he got up the ears were perky & he started trying to walk, although it took awhile for his legs to work.  I wish he would just lay there, & wait for us, rather than try to get up on his own. 

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