Monday, May 13, 2013


Both Ruthie & Tula are cycling, which of course gets the boys going.  I don't know if the gelding stirred Wister up or what, but he is at the forefront of whatever is going on, all day long.  Seems to think the species is going to die out if he doesn't do his part.......he won't be 5 months old until the 25th of May!!!  Oh! well, so far the big guys, like his daddy Boaz, BlackJack & Quilla are tolerating him, hopefully Boaz doesn't get a bee in his bonnet & pick him up by his neck.  

 There's a bee in the upper bloom on the left, picking up some pollen.

 Desert "Rose" another name for Prickly Pear delicate for such a "thorny" plant.  And a beautiful splash of color in the desert.

Cholla on Cisco I & Noelle's graves.  Cisco was buried in January 2000, & this Cholla was less than a foot tall at the time.  

Even though we haven't had very much rain at all, the cactus still bloom.  If you look at the yellow bloom cactus, it is all shriveled up, but also has a few new pads on it.  Doesn't seem to matter how dry it gets, they still do their best to stay alive & grow. 

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