Monday, May 20, 2013


Two days ago, Justin came in without his mask.  Lately Wister gets blamed for all fly mask removal.  Since he's figured out how to get them off, we see him pulling & tugging on just about anybody.  Even Rusty the mule has to put up with the game.  Once Wister gets ahold of the mask he's like a bulldog, he hangs on as long as he can.  In Rusty's case, if Rusty raised his head up high, he could probably sling Wister cross country.  He usually just stands there patiently waiting for the little monster to let go.  We've never seen any of the donkeys besides Ruthie his mom discipline him.  They all seem to put up with his baby shenanigans with good humor.  

I didn't have an extra mask that would fit him, so we've been diligently looking for his.  This morning John just happened to be down in the wash & saw the mask up on the bank, in a place we would have never thought to look.  So now we have the mask & no Justin, they are all over in Burroland for the afternoon.  The Vel-cro on that mask is about worn out, so I think we'll put that mask on Lynn & use her mask for Justin.  So far Wister hasn't messed with the girls's masks, so Lynn should get along OK with worn out Vel-cro.  

That's our son's Super Stock car next to my little Hornet Saturday night.  Now that's a REAL race car.  I'm not really sure what he thinks about me racing, but he can't hide...........  We run the same number & the cars are both orange & white, so he can't disown me......!!! LOL. 

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