Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Molly & Jack went to their new home today!

Jack is a typical little boy I guess, "Oh! look the poo pile is waiting to be cleaned up, let me roll in it".....!!!   Molly rolled, but she, being a lady rolled in the dirt.  

They hit the ground running around trying to see everything there was to see.  Hombre was in a pen, much to his disgust, he wanted to be out & have fun too.  They are going to let the mules run around for awhile, & then put them in a pen & let Hombre out.  Tomorrow Beverly has a group of friends coming over to meet the new kids.  Hopefully by then, they will settle in & Hombre can be out with them. 

This is Beverly bribing Molly with an animal cracker to come & say "HI".  Molly was willing to stop long enough to grab a cracker, but wasn't interested in wasting much time being social.  Mules are sometimes a little stand offish with new people.  It's almost like you have to earn your right to be in their "herd".   Beverly is going to be an indulgent member of the herd, hopefully she will be in charge.  If not, Jack probably will be......!!! LOL

BlackJack has been in a temporary pen, so now will move into the mules pen.  John just finished the shelter in that pen, which I'm sure BJ will enjoy, since there was no shelter in the temp pen. 

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