Thursday, May 30, 2013


I took this picture when we delivered them Tuesday. 

Beverly called this morning & said they have settled in just fine.  She said she wish she had the camera earlier, when Jack & Hombre were laying down together.  Sounds like they are going to be BUDS, hope Molly doesn't get left out.  Hmmmmmm   Jack's always been mean to her, but screams like a banshee  if she is out of his sight.  She might enjoy having a girlfriend & not having to rely on him for companionship.  I might have to talk to Beverly about that.......!!!!   LOL  Another little mini mule girl would be perfect, but there aren't that many of them.  But you never know.  

John & our friend Patti are participating in a rescue today.  Both John & I couldn't go, someone has to stay home & take care of the animals & Mother.  Patti said she'd go, she likes adventures.  It's almost 300 miles away, so it will be a long day.  I'd REALLY like to vent about it, but maybe later.  Sometimes situations just make you shake your head.  

So I got to do chores all by myself for the first time in a LONG time.  I think I was younger last time, perhaps a LOT younger.......!!!  I got done before noon, but there were a lot of rest breaks in there.  When I'm gone & call John he usually says he was done by 10am.  GRRRRRR...!!!  They probably won't be back by feeding time tonight, but I won't have to pick up poo & will leave the hay for John to weigh.  He doesn't like me messing in his buckets....!!!!  So it shouldn't be quite so traumatic......!!!

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