Saturday, April 02, 2011

Unfortunately, I am having trouble with downloading pictures from my camera to my computer right now, & we haven't had time to try to fix it.  I need to go on line & download some drivers.  So until  that happens I'll just add these great old photos by a western photographer from the late 19th century named John C. H. Grabill.

Everything is getting back to normal again.  We will watch Noelle's grave for a few days to make sure nothing bothers it.  Unfortunately in the desert food is an  vital important resource.  We had one grave almost completely dug up overnight, never figured out what did it, obviously more than one animal to have dug that much.  Thank goodness they didn't get deep enough, & John redid it.

Gus is really doing well, he's walking easier, not laying down as much & learning the routine.  He is still standing with his front feet out in front of him when he stands, but I think when Courtney gets him trimmed again, that will make a big difference on his comfort level.  His heels are still about 3 inches tall & his toes longer than they should be.  As much as his walking has improved with the trimming Courtney did in the trailer, I think when the excess is taken off, he'll be buzzing around like a maniac in no time.  Then we'll work on his "love" handles.  


Morning Bray Farm said...

I'm so waiting to see how much better/differently Patrick walks after our farrier comes this Saturday. I can't wait! He seems to plod around quite slowly for now... I'm also looking forward to seeing him routinely buzz around like a maniac. :)

Tish said...

I bet he'll do just fine, I'm still waiting to hear from my trimmer. She is suppose to come out this week, but she's always so busy, her schedule is a mess. I really anxious to see how he does, so I hope she gets here soon.