Saturday, April 09, 2011



First let me say the weather today is horrible, cold, dreary, very windy & a chance of rain at our level, & a snow forecast for the mountains.  The poor mesquite are starting to bud which is suppose to mean thinks someone didn't get the memo.  Picking up poo this morning was fun, you had to pick & dump without much lag time, or the wind blew your "gatherings" off the rake.......!!!!  

Jenny was late getting out of her pen this morning, she's a slow eater.  By the time she got out everyone else had disappeared, including her running buddies, Daisy & Frijolita.  Of course they all hate wind, which added to her problem of looking for her buddies.  

She has been walking really well lately, & when she came by the pens she was stepping out nicely.   She stopped for awhile, trying to hear where they were at I guess.  All of a sudden she took off at a trot, stopped at a dusting spot, laid down, rolled, got up & cantered towards the pens.  I don't know that I have ever seen her canter in the 4 years she's been here, a few trots,  & other times when she could barely walk.  I've never seen her move as free as she was this morning.  I wish I had the camera, it was really beautiful to watch.  She came in the pen  with us for a few moments & then headed out again.  WOW.......!!!!   Can't wait to tell Courtney all about it when she comes tomorrow.  I just hope Jenny doesn't overdue it, her right front foot turns out quite a bit & we know from x-rays taken years ago that show she doesn't have a lot of coffin bone left & the bones aren't lined up.   I did notice when she was running & turning that she was favoring that side just a little. 

Gus has decided he doesn't want to eat his beet pulp.  Oh! he'll pick out the timothy pellets, but leaves the beet pulp.  I wouldn't really care but he is getting a minimum amount of hay because he needs to lose weight & he needs the extra supplements in the beet pulp.  We are trying different yummy additions to see if we can change his mind.  So far peppermint leaves aren't doing it.  Tonight I'll try red beet powder & see how that goes. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

Hooray for Jenny! It was horribly windy here yesterday too... absolutely no fun at all with dust blowing and poo flying off the rakes. :D

Have a Happy Sunday!!!

Tish said...

Did Patrick get his "pedicure" yet?