Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had visitors yesterday for the afternoon.  Of course the donkeys were out & about, so we had to go find them.  Actually most of them were on the other side of the wash by the chicken pen.  John had closed the gate to Burroland & that's probably why they were all there, trying to figure out why.  They all came to see us, but weren't too thrilled when they found out no treats were involved.  Gus & Sha'ba weren't there, so we went down below the house & there they were.

The folks brought treats & even brought a traffic cone & some little jolly balls.  The balls are just about mini size, Pepsi & Justin haven't found them yet, I'm curious to see what they do with them.  They stayed & helped with chores at feeding time & the donkeys actually cooperated on going into their pens.   They made it look like we're organized & know what we're doing.   LOL

We let the kittens out this morning as planned.  They didn't rush out & take off, in fact they were a little hesitant although Snooky did jump over the wall & go check out the rabbit bush where they use to spend a lot of time.  That's where we let the skunk loose a few days ago, so I assume they have all met before.

Not a real good picture, of them in the open door, Wookie as usual was the first one out.  She seems to be more adventuresome than the 2 boys.  Snooky had to smell his way out, he smelled everything.  Julius just wasn't sure.  They've already went back to the "closed" door to see if they could get back inside.  Sure would have been nice to find homes for them, even well fed outdoor cats are hard on wildlife, unfortunately.  And these are very well fed. 


witcheylady said...

LOVED our visit!
Will send you our photos as soon as I get myself organized.
Thank you for the wonderful lunch & hospitality.
All your critters big & small are adorable & Gus looks great!
Let me know when Courtney makes it back out.

Tish said...

We enjoyed having you, & the horsey/donkey cookies you made & brought are a bit hit. They smell good enough, I've been tempted...!!!