Tuesday, April 12, 2011


John just left for the vet with Jack the mule.  This morning he was laying down, didn't seem stressed, breathing was calm, but he really wasn't himself.  We went ahead with feeding while we watched him.  By the time everyone else was fed he got up & looked at his feed bucket, which I hadn't put anything in.  

I put his breakfast in it & he started eating, but not with his usual gusto.  To say he dives in, is an understatement, mush flies everywhere.  He was eating "lightly" & turning his head to the side, like something was bothering him.  

In the past he has had infected cactus spines in his gums.  He's also had a couple of abscessed teeth pulled & at this time of his life only has 2 teeth in the back, one on one side & you guessed it, the other one is on the other side.  

I called the vet & they said they'd work him in, so we loaded him up & John headed out.  I'm waiting for the guy to come out & probably hook up DSL internet.  I got a nastygram from Wild Blue this week, that I'm using too much time & they are going to slow my available speed down, (which incidentally I pay a premium price for)  if I don't quit hogging the net.  Not a problem, watch me bail.  Since it costs almost 3 times as much as the local DSL, I'll be happy to leave.  I just hope the DSL is fairly fast, everyone I've talked to in the area are satisfied with it, so I'm going in with the idea that it will be fast & they won't lecture me.....!!!!

The tow van only needed 4 more miles to turn 500,000 miles before John & Jack headed out this morning.  Three years ago when we bought the other van, I was told this one was going to be scrapped.  Unfortunately it has a "honking" ex-race motor in it & can pull just about anything.  And the newer van is pretty much of a woose.  Just isn't made for towing.   The tow van is literally falling apart around us, but John keeps patching it together.  I've been trying to find a 6 liter window van on the internet for quite awhile.  I guess people keep them, because they sure don't sell them used, at least that I can find.  John will NOT buy a new one, won't even look at one, so I hope this one keeps going, until we find a used one.  

Gus is walking pretty good this morning, and isn't parking his front feet to take the weight off them.  So it looks like we're headed in the right direction.  Courtney is going to try to make it back out here in 2-3 weeks, to trim some more.  I think once she gets some of the height cut down, he will be able to start doing some self trimming running around on all this rock, sand & gravel we have.  

This morning his buddy of choice was Cisco.  Yesterday we noticed someone has had one of his ears in their teeth.  Also the side of his neck.  Boys will be boys I guess, they do like to play fight.  Not sure he's ever played with boys before, but if they keep gnawing on his ear, I bet he'll learn real quick.........!!!

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