Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thanks, Claire

Well it's getting closer & closer to everybody getting a fly mask.  We put one on Jenny yesterday, I think John said that makes 8 wearing masks now.  So far no one has lost a mask, which makes it easier to think about leaving Burroland open during the day this summer.  

The kittens & Hobo are living in the back yard, they don't seem interested in wandering around, getting into trouble, which is a good thing.  Hobo is actually interacting with the kittens.  Before she was spayed, she acted like she would kill them if she could get ahold of them, & they knew it.  

Yesterday when we decided to put a mask on Jenny I brought out my brand new Supermask II made of shimmery sun screen, really pretty.  I guess Farnam has found a way to save a few pennies on each mask.  I bought an X-large, as a mammoth she has a very large head.  It fits around just fine, but is cut so short it ends about 2 inches below her eyes.  That's also where her cheekbones are prominent, which keeps the furry part of the mask away from a tight fit.  I dragged out her old one from last year, & sent an e-mail to Farnam with my "concerns".  When I thought X-large this isn't exactly what I was thinking of.  I don't think it would even fit Rusty the white mule.  

We've had another tom cat spraying our windows, so John set the trap last night.  He said he was in the kitchen this morning & heard "SNAP"  Looked out & saw a very unhappy Wookie bouncing all over the inside of the trap.  He went out, & soothed her frazzled nerves before he let her go again.  I was afraid they would probably get caught before we caught anyone else, guess I was right.  I suppose Snooky & Julius will have their turn before it's over. 

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