Friday, April 08, 2011

STINKIN' WIND......!!!!

Wow, it is really windy today, even more so than usual in the spring.  It's suppose to be cold tomorrow, so I guess it's blowing in from up north someplace.  I am REALLY not an advocate of wind, it's one of my least favorite weather occurrences.  We lived in Iceland for 2 years & the wind blew there constantly which really gets old in a hurry.  

This morning when I went out, John was rounding up the stragglers.  He was "herding" a donkey & at first I thought it was Frijolita.  "She" was almost trotting & I was surprised when John passed her pen headed for..................Gus' pen.  It is amazing how free & easy he is moving.  Obviously his long feet & high heels aren't bothering him like they were.  

Quilla was with him, they are spending quite a bit of time together, which is great.  Their personalities are a lot alike, so they would make good long term buddies. 

Yesterday morning I made a video of Justin, Pepsi, & Quilla playing with a jollyball.  Well it hasn't been a "ball" for quite sometime.  It looks more like a flat squashed piece of road kill.  But they like to play with it, flat or not.  Gus was watching the fun, & I have no doubt will participate in the future.  I have not been able to get the darn thing to load on the blog.  I tried most of yesterday & it acts like it's loading, but never finishes.  I know there are problems on my computer, & I'm afraid the answer is to erase everything & start over......!!!! SIGH!


witcheylady said...

So happy about Gus!
Hope you can upload the video of the three playing.
Donkeys are just too cute, aren't they?

Tish said...

Tried again last night, no go. Drat....!