Monday, April 18, 2011


It is Hobo, that we caught.  Put her in the kitty condo in the spa room to await her fate.  Yesterday afternoon I heard Rusty the white mule coming down the driveway.  He came right to me, limping on a very bloody right rear foot.  I yelled in the house for John, which meant he missed the last 5 laps of the NASCAR race he was watching on TV.  That's OK, Jimmy Johnson won, so the finish was a disappointment anyway.  

We got him in a pen & started hosing it off.  He's got a cut from the outside of the pastern that drops down & ends in the crack at the back of his heel.  It's about 3 or 4 inches long & doesn't look really deep although it bled quite a bit.  Have no idea what he caught it on, John went out looking around but didn't find anything.  He won't stand on it, & won't move around much.  So I hosed, betadined,  Vetericyn  & put him in the "hospital" pen.  Of course it isn't his pen, so he isn't happy about that. 

Yesterday morning for some reason Jenny didn't want Pepper eating with her, & started pushing him around.  He is so fragile that I was afraid she'd either push him into a corral panel & he'd end up with another cracked hip, or he'd go down.  He managed to stay on his feet, but was moving slower than usual when we got there.  Last night at feeding time he was still moving slow & after taking a couple of bites of his mush quit eating.  Didn't act like he was choking, but it's unusual for him not to eat.  I worked with him like he was choked, which he didn't appreciate for awhile.  Then he started acting like he wanted to lay down & switching his tail...........colic?  Who knows, I certainly don't.  Gave him a shot of banamine, checked on him in an hour, & he was eating............!!!  Haven't seen him yet this morning, so I hope he is OK.  He is such a character, we've put so many human traits on his behavior, it's like having your weird old uncle living with you.  

This morning about 4am, John heard a lot of noise in the spa room.  Checked & Hobo had managed to get out of the kitty condo..........!!!   She isn't trying to destroy the 3 kittens, so we just left her loose in there, until I call the vet this morning to see if we can take her in for spaying. It will be fun to get her in a crate, we'll have to use the big net I would imagine. 

John set the trap last night & "sho nuf" there is a "guest" in it this morning.  Looks & acts like a tom cat.  Must be the one that's been spraying our doors.  John thought it might be OJ, but this cat is lighter colored & his hair is not as short.  The vet insists on names so I guess this will be Odie, we've ran out of orange names.........!!! 

If the vet can't do them today, we'll have to figure out living arrangements in the spa room, it's going to get crowded at this rate. 

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