Monday, April 25, 2011


This morning all 3 kittens & Hobo were in the back yard.  Hobo was actually hanging around with Wookie & they even ate at the same time.  Hobo has never hung around, she would come in, eat & leave. And she has been pretty rough on the kittens if they  got in her space once they were on their own.   I don't know how long it takes for their hormones to change, but judging from her behavior I'd say not long.  The kittens are letting us pet them, so I guess they don't hold a grudge.  Wookie wants back in the house.  Julius & Snooky, not so much, in fact this morning Snooky didn't come in until after 10am, & we were starting to worry about him.  I guess he slept in this morning.  

Heard a rattlesnake in a brush pile down by Sha'ba's pen this morning.  There are a lot of rock squirrel holes under the brush & it sounded like he was down one of the holes, probably hibernated there this winter. 

We having an almost "fly-less" spring this year.  I put out fly traps early, & my fly predators started arriving in February.  Usually by this time of year we have fly masks on everyone, but so far, we're only putting masks on the ones that are blind in one eye, or have allergies & leaving Burroland open during the day.  Actually most of our "Oh! let's take each other's fly masks off" guys have moved on to their new forever homes, so we might try to leave Burroland open this summer & see how it goes.  If we start having to look for masks on 30 acres instead of 10, it won't be that difficult to close the gate.....!!! LOL

I'm still doctoring Rusty's cut right above his hoof.  It's doing good, but it's going to take a long time to heal.  Where it is, every time he lifts his foot it causes the cut to open.  But it looks good, so I'll just keep doctoring until it heals.  

Heard from Calamity Jane's (CJ's) Dad.  She was the little black & white mini horse that had some real nasty feet.  Her new Dad is a farrier & trims her every week or so.  He said she is doing great, has bonded with his 2 big horses, & is shedding out like she should.  We were told she had Cushings disease, but it sounds like maybe not.  She is also called Checkers now.  I kinda liked CJ it was perky sounding, & she is perky.  But he said she knows her new name & it sounds like she's wormed her way into being the center of attention both for him & for the 2 other horses. 

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