Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last night when we brought "Thomas" home & put him in the condo, Julius decided he was going to take him on thru the wire.   I wandered off somewhere for some reason, & John hunted me down to tell me Hobo was in the spa room........!!!  I guess she came out of wherever she was hid since morning to see what was going on.  So I called the vet clinic & told them to reserve a place for this morning.  Figured we might as well set the trap again, since I was going to be making a trip anyway.  Ooooops!  Not what we planned, we also didn't plan on the blanket getting blown off last night.  When John went out this morning the trap was completely uncovered.  Wouldn't be a problem with a cat, but it's a BIG problem with a skunk.  I went out one door & held his attention, while John went out the other door & sneaked up with the blanket & threw it over the trap, so the skunk couldn't see him, when he picked it up.  Turned him loose by a big growth of rabbit bush & he went down a hole on the edge of it, like that might be home.  Wish it was farther from the house........!!!! LOL

So the setup for the night was, Thomas in the condo, the kittens & Hobo loose in the spa room.  Went OK until morning when we woke to a hellacious cat fight going on.  Ran in the spa room, & Hobo had her kids stuffed behind the washing machine in the closet.  In fact Wookie was wadded up in the fish net we needed to catch Hobo.  Before we could catch Hobo, we had to get the fish net & Wookie from behind the washing machine.....!!  Julius & Snooky were crammed behind the dryer out of the way.  Got Wookie out, & discovered the net was caught underneath the washer.......SIGH!  So John had to move the washer & we finally got it loose.  Now on to catching Hobo...........boy was that fun.  Not only was she fast & determined, she has a pretty nasty disposition when it comes to controlling her.  The first time John didn't get the net flipped quick enough & she flew out to bounce off the windows some more.  Finally got her & managed to get her in the crate without any personal damage.  I sure wouldn't want to try to put a hand on her......!!!!  

Watered & fed the others, & once Snooky came out from behind the dryer, all he wanted was to get in the rest of the house.  He was so traumatized he even let me pick him up a couple of times.  He's always been stand offish & shy, so I was really surprised. 

Hobo is now at the vet clinic, so she is their problem until this afternoon, when she becomes our problem again.  Where to put her?  Thomas is in the condo, & we really have no other place that is secure enough for her.  We should keep Thomas in for 5 days, but we are talking about keeping her in a crate tonight & letting him loose in the morning so she can be in the condo.  Males usually do just fine, but she will have an  incision, that could open if she starts trying to escape.  

Thank goodness the donkeys are all doing OK right now.  I'm still soaking Rusty Mule's cut every morning, & it's looking real good.  He's putting more weight on it every day, so I think it's going to be OK, just take awhile to heal.  I'm glad the flies haven't shown up in droves yet, makes it a lot easier to doctor. 


witcheylady said...

Lots of excitement...
Do you see many skunks?
Glad Rusty's cut is doing well.
Do you want/need us to bring anything from here?
Can't wait to see you guys....

Tish said...

John carried off 30 or more last summer, we were setting 2 traps a night..!!! (G) Just don't bring any cats, OK? LOL

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That's very exciting! Great experience too!

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