Sunday, April 10, 2011

27 DEGREES IN APRIL......................!!!!

Not what one would expect especially with the mesquite trees leafing out.  Today is nice & sunny, BUT there is still a nip in the wind.  Suppose to be 70 today, but don't think it will make it.  

Waiting for Courtney to get out here & trim some feet.  Gus is laying down in his pen this morning, haven't seen him do that for awhile.  But then again Sha'ba & Jack are laying down too, so who knows.  He is acting normal, but lately he's been eager to get the gate open so he could go explore.  I'm sure he hasn't seen it all yet.  

Last night we were suppose to go racing, but because of the weather they cancelled.  Just as well, it would have been miserable for everyone, & a lot of drivers & spectators probably wouldn't have shown up.  At least if they had any sense.  We were all loaded & ready to go, so that shows you our level of intelligence......!!! LOL   

Here's my little car on the trailer ready to go.  John got it painted this week, with our colors & number.  Looks more like a race car to me. 

This has been our color scheme for over 40 years & what's really great is they have the orange & the white in spray cans, you just have to buy a lot of them, especially when the car is already's hard to cover black with white.......!!!  But he got it looking pretty good.  I know our son is cringing, his car always looks pristine when he pulls it into the pits.  So far he hasn't ran us out of his pit area, so I guess he'll survive the experience.......!!!! 


witcheylady said...

Your car is very cute!
I'm trying to picture you in it driving around like a nut....must be fun.

Tish said...

It is fun, like driving a bumper least the way I drive....!!! LOL