Saturday, April 23, 2011


This is John's cousin Carol & I getting ready to go for a ride in my little race car.  One of the advantages of living in the country, is you can run around in "less than legal" vehicles & not get caught.  We went out to the mail boxes on the main road at pretty much race speed & back.  What got me is she enjoyed it.....!!!  (G)  Got back & asked Don if he wanted to go, which he did.  I asked John why he didn't take more pictures.  He said after we got out of the carport, we were going too fast...........hmmmmm............ me thinks the problem is he isn't use to my camera, we weren't going "THAT" fast. John says he's going to ride along next Saturday in my heat race.  As much time as I have been spending off the track, he'll get to see the track from a lot of different angles I would imagine.........!!!! LOL

Still soaking Gus' feet twice a day, but I'm running out of IV bags.  He is still pouting & part of the process is stomping around in the gravel until we leave.  No matter how quickly we leave, he manages to wear the bottom out of the bags.  Not sure what I'll do when the bags are gone.  I guess I could put a duct tape "sole" on the bags, but not sure that would work unless the whole thing was covered with duct tape since in his stomping the bags end up all over the place.  SIGH....!!!!

Soaked Rusty's cut this morning.  It was looking a little gooey, although it's healthy looking, no redness or swelling.  I have been using Vetericyn, but am now trying Underwood Horse Medicine.  I've heard really good things about it, you spray the medicine on the wound & then cover it with baking powder, & don't wash it off, just keep spraying it & adding more baking soda.  I'm willing to try it.  

We let Thomas the ex-tom cat out of the garage last night about dusk.  Since he is nocturnal we thought that would be a good time.  Hadn't seen him since we put him in there a couple of days ago.  Opened the big garage door, & he popped up from somewhere, started meowing, looked around, went out, went back in, started to walk towards us, turned around & headed out at a walk.  So maybe he won't write us off his path in the future we're a good place to get a bite to eat, if hunting isn't good.  

We plan on letting the 3 kittens out tomorrow, although John is trying to talk me into letting them into the house.............!!!  They've made a big enough mess in the spa room, I can imagine what the house would look like once they felt comfortable enough to start chasing & fighting.  

Monday will be release day for Hobo, we'll probably let her go at dusk, although she does roam around during the day sometimes.  I doubt if we'll see her for awhile, she does hold a grudge.  Right now she growls everytime we go into the spa room. 

Got donkey company coming this afternoon.  That's always fun, we love to talk donkeys.  Heard from Katie/Maggie's Mom.  They just love her, Kathryn said she never gets tired of hearing Maggie bray.  She also said Maggie has lost about 75 pounds which is wonderful, she was pudgy & that's being polite......!!!  She also takes her companion job very seriously, Kathryn said she is never very far from the old mare. 

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