Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hobo came home from the vet clinic last night without the kitten factory.  We had to keep her in a large crate last night, because Thomas was still in the kitty condo.  We talked about letting him go outside, but finally decided to turn him loose in the garage with food, water & a litter box for 3 days, so we could still watch him to make sure he gets along OK.  He seems to be doing just fine & when we opened the crate in the garage this morning he came out looked around & came over to rub on my legs.  So he is either someone's cat, or has been.  He's recently been in a fight, he's got wounds on his face.  I hope that doesn't mean there's another tom cat in the neighborhood....!!! 

Managed to get Hobo in the kitty condo without her getting away from us.  She doesn't seem to be really upset as long as we don't go close to the cage.  I have a feeling when the time comes she'll take off without a backward glance, & we probably won't see her for a long time, if ever again.  

Gus has been a little ouchy on his feet the last couple of days.  Courtney said to soak his feet in case they are so hard he can't slough off sole like he should do.  So this morning I got out my IV bags, put ice water in them & headed out to where he was eating hay.  I found out 2 things, # 1 he likes to lock his knees if you try to pick up his foot, & # 2 he pouts if he doesn't like what you're doing.  Once I managed to get a bag on each front foot, he just stood there, wouldn't eat hay, wouldn't do anything.  I told him I didn't care, & went on with my chores.  I went in the house to do something, & heard someone braying, & braying & braying.  Went out to see what was going on & found "Mother" Daisy, standing by his pen, braying to tell me he had managed to get the lead rope between his front legs.  I had to tie him up because he wasn't going to cooperate at all unless I did.  And I tied him long enough so he could eat hay if he changed his mind about  pouting.   I guess Daisy thought she should let us know he had a problem.   John gave her an animal cracker for being such a good girl.  Now she will be tattling on everyone probably, so she can get a treat......!!!!

Rusty's cut is still doing good, although this morning I tried to get all the dirt & crud off it, & finally gave up.  It's too close to the ground & is covered with dirt.  It's also in a place that is almost impossible to put a bandage on.  So I put some thuja zinc oxide on it, hopefully it will soften the crud & I can get it off.  The wound itself looks real good, no swelling, redness or weeping.  I guess there is enough moisture to it, to attract dirt though.  

John's cousin & her husband from Alaska are coming tomorrow for the day.  They are getting ready to head back to Alaska in their RV, which should be a wonderful trip.  This time of year in Alaska is great, & when the Air Force sent us up there in  April 1968 we had a great adventure driving the Al-Can.  At that time it was still all gravel, except for a bridge in Whitehorse, which was very exciting to drive across after 4 or 5 days of driving gravel.  

Unfortunately this morning I found a habronema larvae sore on Sha'ba's sheath, so the summer battle is beginning.  I mixed up my special concoction, hopefully I'll be able to keep ahead of them this year.  Last year although Sha'ba had sores off & on all summer, they were never as bad as they've been in the past.  And Cisco didn't have any open sores at all, which is a first for him in the over 10 years he's been here. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

You never have a dull moment!

I loved reading about Daisy and Gus... totally reminds me of Ellsworth tattling on Bernard! :)

Tish said...

They are so much fun to watch. I think people that have never been around donkeys are missing so much.