Sunday, April 17, 2011


We have been trying to about 3 years to catch the momma cat responsible for the 4 kittens we had spayed & neutered in January & Sunny the only survivor from the litter before.  She has always been very trap wise & wouldn't even come on the porch if the trap was sitting there.  We are getting ready to let the kittens outside again.  We haven't  found anyone interested in giving any of them a home, & we can't have 6 cats in the house, especially when 5 of them love to run & play.  Moogee just watches with a disgusted look on her face.  Sunny & Nigel have caused enough damage, in the house, without adding 3 more little live wires to the mix.  So out they go, I hope they remember their upbringing & how to protect themselves.  I hate that they are hunters & are hard on the birds & lizards though.  

So before we let them go, we decided to try catching any outdoor cats that need "corrective" surgery.  We figure if we set the trap with the kittens outside, they will be the ones we catch.  Lo & behold this morning a cat that looks a lot like Hobo was in the trap, & very unhappy.  I'll call the vet clinic tomorrow & see if they can spay her.  

Now to the hard part, we don't know if she has another litter of kittens or not.  She doesn't look or act like it, but she is so long haired we can't see if she is nursing.  I doubt we could ever catch her again, so we will have to take her in no matter what.  It would be a hard decision to make, but long term it would be the right one, I'm afraid.  I just hope she isn't nursing. 

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