Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Jack was fussing & wanting out of the trailer when John brought him home yesterday.  The vet couldn't find anything wrong with him, vitals were good.  She "picked " a road apple from the originating source & although it was a little dry, not bad.  She even did a sonogram. Found either a testicle or a small tumor.  He was raised on the Slash Hook Ranch up by Morenci, AZ & probably was "cowboy" gelded.  She said it isn't unusual for the cowboys to miss something.  He has never acted studdy at all, so I assume it's probably a little tumor.  In the future if he colics or something like that we'll know there is a possibility of a tumor & will be able to tell if it's grown or not.  Good information to have.  

So she tubed him, with some water & mineral oil, gave him a shot of Banamine & sent him home.  John & I had to give him another Banamine shot last night.  He is really difficult, but we managed to "git 'er done" without someone getting hurt.  Like I said when he got home, he was pretty lively & this morning he was yelling for his breakfast as usual.  

Last night before dark, Nigel the Bengal cat seemed to make a decision to go out, no matter what it took.  He got out on John, who doesn't always realize where the animals are & what can happen because of where they are.  We finally got him back in the house, almost lost Moogee in the process.  Had to leave the door open to run Nigel in & Moogee decided she'd give it a try.  

I usually know where they are, so I was very surprised when I went out a little while later,  &  Nigel flew past my feet like he was on fire.  He wasn't even in the kitchen when I opened the door.....!!!  So we got to chase him around some more.  It was almost dark, & he is a lovely color of gray that would be almost impossible to see in the dark, I'm really glad we managed to herd him in.......again.  Now that he knows he can get out, we'll have to really watch him for awhile.  Hopefully he'll give up his "dash for freedom" idea quickly. 

Gus is still doing good.  He is "parking" his front feet a little bit, but not as often.  This morning he went out when everyone else did, & they all left as a herd.  I guess he's getting use to being with other donkeys. 


witcheylady said...

So glad Jack is okay.
And totally understand about kitties who don't belong outside.
Also very glad to hear Gus continues to thrive & making friends.
You and John are very special people!

Katherine/Apifera Farm said...

"John, who doesn't always realize where the animals are & what can happen because of where they are. " husband to the key- although he tries. So I got Itty Bitty the rescue kitty a bell, it helps, but my husband is door challenged, poor fellow.

Tish said...

I really think you have to be raised with animals to have that "alert" gene. Of course I can't really complain since Nigel got out on me too.....!!! (G)

Has your family gotten bigger yet? I'm thinking you said May, but can't remember for sure.