Monday, April 18, 2011


Well life doesn't always go in the path you have planned. Called the vet clinic, this morning & they said too busy today, so tomorrow morning.  Hobo got fed & watered & we decided to leave her out of the kitty condo & put the other cat in there.  John brought the trap in & we got  "Thomas" in the condo.  So far so good, at least he wasn't in the attack mode.  I looked around & asked John where Hobo was..............!!!  She got out when he came in with the trap I guess & he didn't notice.  I doubt that we'll ever get a chance to catch her again, we'd been trying for about 3 years.  Not 10 minutes later the vet clinic called & said bring them in, we can do them today.......GRRRRR........!!!!  If I had known that we would have hauled him in the trap & it wouldn't have happened. 

We'll set the trap again tonight, but I'm pretty sure Hobo won't come around for awhile.

Soaked Rusty's cut this morning & doctored it.  Looks pretty good, & he seems to be putting a little more weight on it, so hopefully it will heal quickly.


Morning Bray Farm said...

Sounds like you've definitely had a very interesting few days... never a dull moment! :)

Tish said...

I long for dull moments......!!!!