Saturday, January 02, 2010


We had a couple of tours this morning & afterwards we let Katie out to explore.  I don't think she quit moving all day, she was flitting here & flitting there. She didn't really attach to any of the other donkeys, she was too busy investigating everything.  This afternoon when it was time for her to go into her pen, I saw her over on the 20 acres we call Burroland.  When I called her she came across the wash & followed me into her pen.  She is very sweet & came running up to me a couple of times during the day, just to say Hi I guess.

This morning after the tours I was letting everyone out & happened to look over towards the hay pen.  I noticed there were a couple of equines over there & it looked like they were in the hay barn.  Got closer & sure enough, Rusty the white mule & Buddy the little Brat were in there eating as fast as they could.   Cisco was standing outside, obviously he knew better than to go where he knew he didn't belong, unlike the other two.  John had either left the gate open or not latched it.  Whichever it was, it didn't take them long to figure out there was free hay in there for the taking.  When I got closer I yelled & believe me they both knew they weren't suppose to be in there, they almost ran each other down trying to get out the 4 foot gate.

Tomorrow a family is coming out to visit with Gus & see if he might be a good fit in their family.  They have horses & the man has already met Gus & thinks he's pretty neat.  I hope it works out for Gus & he can get a lifetime home.   

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