Friday, January 29, 2010

Under "New Stuff" on the right side is a link to the Cloud Foundation that is documenting the latest round up of wild horses by the BLM.  Please read it & get involved, write your senator, representative, write letters to your local papers.      A letter to the director of BLM might also help.

These horses & burros belong to the American people & are being rounded up & warehoused because the ranching lobby wants them off the land they lease from the American people.

This is a story written by Ginger Kathrens about a young foal that was killed by the inhumane round up by these representatives of the American people.  There are more horses & burros being kept in pens, over 30,000, than are still running free. 

Even if you aren't the write a letter type, or don't like to get involved, please take just a moment to let our government know this is wrong in so many ways. 

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