Sunday, January 24, 2010

We had some visitors today, thank goodness it was clear & sunny, the type of day people come to Arizona to enjoy.

They write & photograph for magazines & have been doing it for many years.  What kind of fun would that be, bumming around the country?  I'm afraid it would take more self discipline than I have, although the travel & finding things to write about would be a lot of fun.  Susan called a couple of days ago & asked if they could come out & maybe do a story on the donkeys.  My 1st question was, "how did you find us?".  They were RVing north of Tucson & someone there had been out here & had a brochure.   I think, the world is getting smaller & smaller all the time.

They were here a couple of hours & right before they left we let the donkeys out of their pens, so Eric could get some "wild" pictures.  Gus promptly headed for their truck to snot the windows.  We warn visitors whenever Gus is out their vehicle is probably going to be checked out.  He never fails to live up to our warning unfortunately. Heh, heh, heh.........!!!!


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