Monday, January 11, 2010

 South Dakota 1891

I might be out of touch for awhile.  John had rotator cuff surgery today.  A neighbor took him in this morning about 6am & they didn't get back home until about 7pm. I'll be in charge of chores for awhile.  John had thought he would be home in time today to help with chores.  Not only did he not make it in time, he looked like he had been ran thru a wringer & wasn't showing any interest in anything except getting in his recliner.  For 3 days he will be hooked up to a machine that runs ice water all over the shoulder to control swelling.  So far I've shot water across the room twice.  Finally read the instructions to detach it from the electricity to stop the pump............DUH!

I didn't notice the donkeys cutting me any slack today.  They have never figured out that if there is just one of us doing chores it's going to take twice as long, especially if they don't bother to come in & get in their pens, without a lot of drama.  I don't really mind the not coming in & I don't really mind the drama.  But I do mind them going in the pen, turning around & yelling at me because I don't rush in & give them their carrot.  Under the circumstances they are lucky to get a carrot at all............!!!


Dina said...

May you have a soon as possible recovery, John.
Good luck with all your solo work, Tish.

Tish said...

Thanks Dina, the neighbor that took him to the hospital yesterday is going to help with chores for awhile. Wish it was a little less complicated so he could learn it easier..