Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last night was another "all nighter".  John checked the rain gauge this morning & said it was a little over 2 1/2 inches.  WOW, that's impressive after years of a few sprinkles here & there. 

But it has made a mess of some of the pens.  Here in the desert southwest we don't worry about leveling pens, having layers of gravel, & all the other things people in other parts of the country have to worry about.  So when it does rain, YUCK...........!!!

We decided last night after the weather report, to let the girls out of the jenny pen for the night, so they could go where they wanted to to find some drier ground.  That was the 1st time they had been out with Paladin in quite awhile.  Three or 4 times during the night I heard him serenading the girls.  I even thought one time of getting up & trying to get him in his pen, just in case he was running them.  But I figured he'd look at me like I'd lost my mind with all these pretty ladies out there to be impressed with his masculinity. 

When they all came in this morning from Burroland I watched to see if there were any casualties.  They were all together including "stud muffin" & the only problem I saw was Quilla limping on his club foot.  He was limping on it a little bit yesterday & I cleaned it out, in case a buildup of mud was bothering him.  So I guess I can't blame that on Paladin. 

Paladin is in his pen today, although I'm thinking of letting him out this afternoon to see how he behaves.  I'd rather have him out with the others, if he can behave himself.  It's been about 4 months since his "brain" surgery, so hopefully his hormones are gone.  Old Pepper still serenades the girls & he was gelded over 35 years ago, so maybe that isn't a good litmus test. 

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