Monday, January 18, 2010

Katie "Houdini"

I've been calling her Katydid, but might have to change her name to Houdini.  Two nights ago, when I went out to let everyone out at bedtime, she was in with the other 4 jennies.  I just figured the gate between the pens didn't get latched, but last night she was in there again.  And John said he double checked the latch to make sure it was closed...............Hmmmmm.  Tonight we clipped the gate, so I am expecting her to still be in her pen.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

This isn't a very flattering picture of Katie, but it does show what I wanted to show, her very cresty neck & what might be called love handles or fat ripples down her side.  She also has a bubble butt.  Although she's carrying quite a big of extra weight, she is very quick & moves around a lot.  John went to his first physical therapy today (which I might add he didn't enjoy) & when we came home, she came down to the gate to greet us, from up by the hay barn.  We probably shouldn't encourage that, because she might get in the habit of greeting everyone that comes in.  The only time most of them care when we come home, is if we're late for feeding time, so it was nice to have her just coming down to say Hi.............!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tish, I can't wait to find out how Ms. Houdini is moving pens. I wonder if she is just jumping the panels?
--Vanice from Tucson