Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I am REALLY getting tired of nights in the teens or low 20's if we're lucky.  The days are nice & sunny, which is nice, but it would be wonderful to add at least 10 degrees to the night temperatures.  This is suppose to be a rainy season too, but so far nothing wet has happened. 

Katie is now out & about with the other girls during the day when Paladin is in his pen.  Yesterday morning Quilla came in after a night of playing with Paladin, with a gimpy leg.  I don't know what he does to cripple everyone, but he is getting quite a list. The ground is pretty rough with holes & dips all over, so I would imagine in the process of running & playing or chasing they mis-step.

This afternoon when it was time to do round-up, Katie & Hanna were running.  Hanna has not been kind to Katie when they are in the pens, so I don't know if they were playing or not.  Katie doesn't seem to mind if Hanna is a grouch or not.  Katie really moves fast for a donkey.  She's 7 years old so she isn't a wild child that wants to run all over the place.  But if Hanna acts grumpy, Katie just takes off, she doesn't even act like it's a big deal, which probably irritates Hanna.   It's hard to try to dominate someone if they aren't scared & don't really seem to care. 

Sha'ba hasn't been eating his mush the last couple of days, I'm not sure what the problem is.  I felt around in his mouth today & smelled it.  All of the few teeth he has are worn off to the gums, but they could still get infected.  But he didn't mind me poking around in his mouth & it smelled OK, so I don't know what his problem is.  He doesn't need to lose any weight.  Both he & Pepper get blanketed & booted every night.  I'll have to keep it up until the nights are above 40 degrees on a regular basis.  It's one of those things, that once you start you have to keep doing it.  So he shouldn't be too cold. 

I called today to make an appointment to have the little jack down at Dos Cabezas gelded.  Haven't heard back yet, but I hope they can do it this month before it starts getting warmer during the day.  I hope his momma can protect him if necessary, there are a lot of coyotes in that area.  He's only about 8 months old, so it shouldn't be a big deal, like an older jack. 

I heard today one of the neighbors that lives right on the San Pedro river has seen mountain lion tracks on his property.  I hope it was just passing thru, a mountain lion could take one of the donkeys down. 

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