Monday, January 04, 2010


The man had met Gus when he was here helping John pick up poo when the movie was being shot a few weeks ago.  I never knew poo was a "prop", but they needed poo to spread on the street & Joe offered to help John clean pens in exchange for the poo.  Gus followed him everywhere he went & Joe was smitten with him. 

They have a 13 year old daughter that got a horse for Christmas & they already have a couple of horses, so it's Gus' kind of place.  Everyone was in their pens, but we let Gus out so they could meet him up close & personal.  He followed along as we visited with the other donkeys, although he did take one detour to check out their truck bed.  They said there was hay scraps in there, & we asked if there was anything else.  Joe said he didn't think so.  Well, Gus managed to find an extension cord & bite thru the insulation.  We had already told them about some of the things he does to amuse himself, & when they saw the cord, they just laughed & said they would have to tape it.  Sounds more & more like a great home for this big buffoon that needs to be entertained or he will entertain himself. 

John's cousin & his wife are here from Washington.  Gene is a master gardener & when he was here a few years ago, he said he wanted to work in our yard the next time he came back.  They have been here a few days & have worked like wild people in the yard & it's really starting to look nice.  Yesterday they went out to buy some plants & when they came back they parked in the driveway with the trunk open.  John came in & told me my donkey had just ate a hawthorne.  Number one I have no clue what a hawthorne is, & number two I'm not really sure which donkeys are classified as mine.  My first guess was Gus, but John said no.  Hmmm, the only other ones out were Lucy, Buster & Quilla.  I guess John saw Buster with the evidence hanging from his mouth.  Unfortunately there wasn't enough left to salvage, so we only have one hawthorne planted in the yard instead of two. 

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