Friday, January 22, 2010


It rain here almost all night, started out windy & hard rain, but as the night wore on it calmed down to a soaking rain, which we desperately need.

When we went out this morning in the rain to feed, a lot of the donkeys were making use of the shelters.  In fact Katie was up in the Fat Farm shelter, she was dry & she wasn't moving.  The minis were in Paladin's shelter, much to his disgust.  He was trying to get in his pen, & they were trying to get out.  You could read his body language & know what he was thinking............"get the midgets out of my pen......NOW"!!!   Jack the mule was standing on the porch of the feed room & waited until his shelter was empty before he would move.


Some of them will not go in shelters Tula for one, she gets upset if we put her bunk in the shelter. out of the weather, so we don't try to move it anymore.  The pen with the jennies in it, use to be a chicken pen area.  I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but it is flooded everywhere.  We use a couple of small bunks in there along with the big bunk, so no one can hog all the hay.  We moved the small bunks under their shelters, but the big bunk is still out in the weather.  Daisy, Jenny & Frijolita all crammed themselves under the shelter to take advantage of the cover.  I noticed this morning that Frijolita's string halt is making her hind legs jerk.  She's been doing real good, so I assume the chilly wet weather has something to do with it. 

We were suppose to have a tour this morning, but the woman called to cancel.  I told her that was best, because there is nothing crankier than a wet donkey.  She's never been around donkeys, so under these circumstances I doubt that she would be very impressed.

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