Thursday, January 14, 2010

GOOD GRIEF.......!!

Well, John is up & about, in fact he has been helping with chores, abeit, one handed since Wednesday, two days after surgery.  Our neighbor Mike is coming up twice a day to help with chores & pick up poo, which really is helping.   And Destiny the young girl that helps when she doesn't have homework or something else to do is also helping.  So actually things are going great. 

Gus for some reason has got a bee in his bonnet about going in his pen.  The 1st night we "made" him go in, which took a lot more time & effort than I care to invest.  So the next time we ignored him until it was time to start putting down the feed pans.  He still wasn't interested.  Last night Destiny was here & he followed her in like a little soldier..........Hmmm..........This morning more of the same although he finally did follow John in reluctantly.  I think he's mad at me because I took a whip with me & spoke harshly the 1st night, once I figured out he was leading us on a merry chase.  I guess he doesn't like to be treated like a common run of the mill donkey, if there is such a thing.  The first night, he never looked at me once in the about 45 minutes it took us to "round" him up.  If he stopped he would look the other way.  In fact he would concentrate on something that was absolutely fascinating, "over there". 

We will be doing a home study for Gus' new home this week-end.  They are horse people & I'm sure it will be a good home for Gus.  

This morning when it was time to move Pepper out of the girl's pen into his pen, he didn't want to go in the right direction.  He much preferred to go out the other gate.  So I got the halter, went out , opened the gate & out he came.............and headed straight for Lucy & started wooing her.  The old buzzard can't hardly stand up, he even tried to mount her, without much success.  Poor Buster he usually protects his Lucy girl from outside suitors, but Pepper had on his blanket & booties & Buster must have thought he was some sort of apparition , because he took off.  I finally got the halter on Pepper, & he toddled off to his pen like that was what he wanted to do.

Everyone else seem to be doing good right now, Hanna was a little off a couple of days ago.  She's still young enough she might be getting some new teeth, I checked her over & couldn't find anything wrong.  We're still keeping Paladin in during the day when the girls are out & he gets to go out at night.  I've thought about letting him out when they are out to see what happens.  BUT, I've noticed when the other geldings start braying at each other, he joins in the chorus & paces the fence, so I would imagine his testosterone level is still pretty high. 

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